COVID-19 Protocols


During the unprecedented pandemic caused by COVID-19, Summer @ BB&N  is implementing the following protocols for Summer 2021.  Due to the rapidly changing nature of this pandemic and relevant state and local public Health Department guidance, these protocols may be adjusted as circumstances change.  Families will be notified of any changes in protocols.

Please contact the camp office,, with any questions.

Staying at Home When Not Feeling Well: Daily Symptom Check Process

Families are responsible for screening their camper(s) EACH DAY and prior to any entry onto a Summer  @  BB&N campus for the following symptoms:

❏    Fever (100.0° Fahrenheit or higher), chills, or shaking chills

❏    Cough (not due to other known cause, such as chronic cough)

❏    Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

❏    New loss of taste or smell

❏    Sore throat

❏    Headache, when in combination with other symptoms

❏    Muscle aches or body aches

❏    Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

❏    Fatigue, when in combination with other symptoms

❏    Nasal congestion or runny nose (not due to other known causes, such as allergies) when in combination with other symptoms

Response to Symptoms or Positive Test Report for COVID-19

In the event of a symptomatic camper or staff, or a report of a positive COVID-19 test result, Summer @ BB&N will follow the relevant state Health Department guidance in collaboration with the Cambridge Department of Public Health (“CDPH”). The full guidance can be found here

Per Health Department guidance, campers and staff  must report to the Summer Camp Management Team  if they are either symptomatic or have already received a positive test result for COVID-19.

  • If a camper is symptomatic and/or has a positive test result for COVID-19 at home, the camper  must stay home. In addition to contacting their HCP,  families must also contact the camp nurse. 
  • If a staff member is symptomatic and/or has a positive test result for COVID-19 at home, they must stay home. In addition to contacting their HCP, they must then contact the camp  directors or management team supervisor.
  • If a camper is symptomatic during camp  hours, the camp nurse or designee will follow the guidelines for the use of the isolated medical waiting room and contact families for pick up.
  • If a staff member is symptomatic during camp hours, they should notify their management team supervisor for coverage and directly leave to go home.
    • The camp nurse, camp  directors, and management team supervisors will contact the remaining members of the Summer @ BB&N response team (Director of Student Support Services, Director of Human Resources, and/or CFO/COO) as applicable. The Camp Directors  will be notified to lead the community communication plan as determined by the camp  and CDPH. 

Return to Camp  

Per Health Department guidance, returning to camp  following a positive Covid-19 case is based on time and symptom resolution. Individuals who test positive can resume activities after 10 days and once they have:

  1. gone for 24 hours without a fever (and without taking fever-reducing medications like Tylenol); and
  2. experienced improvement in other symptoms (for example, their cough has gotten much better); and
  3.   received clearance from public health authority contact tracers (the local board of health or Community Tracing Collaborative).

Any camper or staff member returning to camp who has tested positive for Covid-19, will need to meet the return to camp requirements set forth by the camp , in coordination with the Health Department.

Visitors At  Camp

To ensure the health and safety of our community, all campus facilities are closed to families and visitors until further notice. One-on-one aides are allowed on campus and will follow all COVID-19 regulations. 

Mask/Face Coverings

All campers and adults are required to wear mask/face coverings while indoors. Campers and staff should wear their own face coverings to camp every day. Disposable masks will be available when needed or requested. Medical exceptions requesting alternatives to face coverings will be made on a case-by-case basis and in consultation with the camper or staff member’s treating physician and the camp nurse. 

All mask/face coverings should cover the nose and mouth, fit comfortably and securely, include more than one layer of fabric (if using a cloth covering), be secured with ties or ear loops, and allow for breathing without restriction. Mask/face coverings with vents or valves do not meet the current recommendations and will not be allowed.

Hand Hygiene

Summer @ BB&N requires all campers and staff to practice hand hygiene from arrival to campus until their departure. In accordance with Health Department guidelines, campers  and staff will be required to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the camp; before and after eating and putting on and taking off masks; and before dismissal. Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations (touchless where feasible) will be in commonly used areas and hand hygiene will be built into the daily schedule for each camp group .In addition, campers and staff will have access to hand washing at any time in the assigned bathroom area for their cohort as well as access to hand sanitizer provided in every classroom.  

Staff will advise  campers on  the proper method for hand washing and sanitizing. Signage with directions and reminders will be placed at all sinks.

Physical Distancing 

Summer @ BB&N requires all campers and staff to maintain 3 feet of physical distance while indoors. In accordance with Health Department guidance, Summer@BB&N will have a physical distance of 6 feet during meals. Indoor rooms will be configured in adherence to Health Department guidance of 3 feet.

Building and Space Assignments

Camp groups  will be assigned to specific classrooms and  seats within those classrooms, bathrooms and hand washing sinks.

Getting to and from Camp

Transportation provided by Summer @ BB&N will provide limited seating with campers one to a bench with the exception of siblings. Masks/face coverings will be worn during all bus trips.  Hand hygiene will be practiced.

Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and dismissal will be staggered. Drop off and pick up locations will be assigned to families based on proximity to classrooms.  Adults are asked to remain in their cars (or to stay outside the gates) during drop off and pick up times.

Food and Food Service

Campers will be provided a selection of pre-packaged lunch items. Campers should bring a reusable, labelled, water bottle to camp every day. All campers will have access to drinking water every day. The sharing of food, utensils, and drinks is prohibited.

Field Trips

Some campers will participate in field trips that are outdoors.  Field trips will be planned to minimize interactions with other individuals.  When feasible, campers will remain in cohorts during field trips.

Personal Items

Campers will each be assigned a location for their personal items.  Lockers will be available for campers participating in water activities. The use of showers is prohibited, and all campers and staff must maintain safe social distancing while in the locker rooms.