Brown v. Board: The Landmark Decision and its Aftermath

TYPE OF CAMP: Virtual Academic Enrichment Camps
WEEKS: Week 1 (6/21/21-6/25/21), Week 2 (6/28/21-7/02/21)

The Brown v. Board ruling in 1954 was a landmark decision that resulted as a culmination of years of protest. But often overlooked is what happened after ruling segregated schools unconstitutional. Using primary sources, articles, and other sources, students will engage in an investigation into how and why our neighborhoods and schools continue to be largely segregated, despite the ruling of the courts and efforts of integration after 1954. Questions explored in the unit include: What happened to school segregation after the Brown v. Board decision? Did schools remain segregated? How does housing segregation connect to school segregation? How did housing segregation happen?

Days: Monday-Friday

Hours: 10:30am-11:30am

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