Mastermind Adventure Camp

TYPE OF CAMP: Advanced Specialty Camps
WEEKS: Week 3 (7/06/20–7/10/20), Week 4 (7/13/20–7/17/20), Week 6 (7/27/20–8/01/20), Week 7 (8/03/20–8/07/20)

Mastermind Adventures Living Literature programs bring books to life so that kids can become part of the stories they love. These programs encourage reluctant readers to dive into the fantastic worlds found within books, and prolong the attention of tweens and teens by using a multi-sensory approach to reading. Mastermind’s Living Literature Programs combine elements of live action role play and adventure gaming with inspiration from book series. These programs help parents, librarians, educators, community centers and therapists to get kids to go beyond the page and live the story. Within this space, kids have a greater opportunity to learn new skills, practice teamwork and problem solving and expand their imaginations.

Mastermind Adventures began as a labor of love in 2012. We were looking for a way to help our kids stay connected with their friends and make new ones as we began homeschooling. What we discovered was that there were a whole lot of kids and families looking to connect to others with similar interests from all kinds of backgrounds. Our mission is to create fun, healthy enrichment programming that offer compelling alternatives to screen time for kids and teens. We are dedicated to creating engaging alternatives and programming that kids connect with that bring out the best in them and help them practice the problem solving, critical thinking and social skills that they need to become successful individuals.

Week 3: Dungeons & Dragons Camp

Discover the hero within at Dungeons & Dragons camp! Role Playing games use cooperative storytelling, imagination and exciting adventure scenarios to put you in the shoes of characters like a legendary warrior, a sneaky rogue or a powerful wizard. The adventure at the table will be enhanced by fun real-life foam sword fighting games, creative writing activities and art projects that exercise other skills. There is lots of opportunity for kids to make friends and have fun while using important problem solving and social skills necessary for real-life success. This program will use Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition fantasy role playing game along with multi-modal activities that engage the whole child.

Week 4: Wizarding School Summer Camp

Inspired by Harry Potter: It’s that time of year again, and your owl has finally arrived with your invitation to your local American school for witchcraft and wizardry summer camp! Summer Wizarding Camp has all your favorite games like Quidditch, Quadpot and Wizard’s Chess. Perfect your wand dueling skills and dabble in herbology. But rumors of a mystery are being whispered in the halls and you feel strange energy coming from the enchanted forest. Get ready for team challenges, challenges of the mind and challenges of the heart. Living Literature Camps are inspired by popular fiction and create worlds where individuals can experience their favorite parts of their most beloved books. Join us for a week of magic, classes and a hidden mystery.

Week 6: Zombie Survival Camp

Inspired by Last Kids on Earth: To survive the zombie apocalypse, you have to practice your defense skills. But equally important is to keep your mind sharp and know how to grow food and fix the barriers that keep you safe. It’s been a while since the research was discovered in a lab at Harvard University that could save mankind. But change has been slow coming, and the zombies seem to be getting stronger. Could the vaccine have somehow backfired? The participants will play members of a survival bunker who will receive training on how best to fight the zombies and help each other survive to the end. It’s dangerous out there, so they have to be smart, use their skills and knowledge and work together to outwit the horde. Living Literature Camps are inspired by popular fiction and create worlds where individuals can experience their favorite parts of their most beloved books.

Week 7: Camp Half-Blood

Inspired by Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: The world is not an easy place to be when you’re a demi-god. Camp Half-Blood is your refuge where you can be yourself and connect with others who are just like you. You can improve your sword-fighting skills, research your Greek parentage and play Capture the Flag against other cabins. But the Oracle of the camp suddenly goes missing, and rumors abound. What could have happened to her? The Quest-giver becomes the quest, and you and your friends must learn to work as a team and use your abilities to uncover the truth. Living Literature Camps are inspired by popular fiction and create worlds where individuals can experience their favorite parts of their most beloved books.

What to Bring

Campers play regardless of weather, please plan accordingly. Bathing suits are recommended for all camps. Classic campers will swim and Specialty and Sports campers may have an option to do slip and slide fun during the week. We leave our bathing suits at camp all week so no need to remember to bring them back and forth each day. We provide towels here at camp so no need to bring your own! We are trying to use less plastic cups, please encourage your camper to bring a reusable water bottle. There will be water refill stations all over campus.

Questions About Camp?