How to Register

Enrollment for Summer at BB&N is offered exclusively online and all applications will only be accepted electronically. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Camp spaces are limited so please plan accordingly. If you are put on a waitlist for any camp week, we will contact you as soon as a space becomes available for you in camp. Any time before June 1, you will be required to pay a deposit for each camp week and each camper in order to complete your registration. After June 1, you will be required to pay the full tuition for each camp week and each camper in order to complete your registration.

We have something for everyone. Different Camps for different grades, but fun for all! Mix and Match and create your best summer ever! Online registration begins in January! Don’t forget to scroll below the registration buttons for tips and details on registration including Bus Transportation information.

  • Registration for Summer 2019 is Open and Ongoing
  • Have you checked out all the camps we offer this year and have decided which camps and which weeks you want?
  • Then… Select the pink Registration Button to Register at any time after Opening Day!
  • Do you want to check your account balance, make payments, or print tax reports?
  • Do you want to add Options like Extended Day and Early Morning after June 1?
  • Then… Select the blue Account Button to Log onto your account.

Registration Tips

  • A computer is the best device to use to register. Phones and hand held devices make the registration process a bit more challenging. The registration will take several minutes to get comfortable in front of a desk top or a lap top.
  • You will need a photo of your camper: you will upload this photo right to your camper’s profile page. This photo is only used internally so we can get acquainted with your camper even before he/she steps onto campus!
  • You will need to respond to medical information so please have your camper’s doctor, dentist, and medical info available before you begin.
  • Please input both parents/guardians on the application even though one may simply be the primary contact for camp. We use both parents’ contact information during camp to address the needs of your camper. In addition, if only one parent is listed on the campers’ profile, then that is the only person that will be permitted to pick up the camper at the end of the day.
  • NEW: NOW Required in order to complete your registration: You will need to have a current Health Care form to upload onto your camper’s profile in order to complete your registration. We understand that camp will be several months away, but having your current campers’ Physician Health Care Form will assist our nurse in evaluating your campers’ needs before camp begins. As we understand that your camper will likely visit the pediatrician at some point between when you enroll and the start of camp for their annual check up, you will be able to upload a second, more current, Physician Health Form at any time simply by logging back onto your account, removing/deleting the older Health Form, and uploading the newer Health Form. All Camper Physician Forms are due by June 1. Any camper without a current AND approved (by our Camp Nurse) form will not be permitted to attend camp.

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