Special & Theme Days

Every day is a fun day at camp, but we like to do even more for our campers. Check out the fun stuff we have planned for this year… Please note, that we may have to alter the below events on occasion due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, but we aim to keep to the schedule as presented to the best of our abilities.

Wow Wednesdays

Each camp week we have a guest entertainer that will come on campus for a special performance on Wednesday when the Senior Campers are off on their adventures. Click on the link below for each week to find out more!

Week Details
Week 1 Creepy Crawlers with Joy
Week 2 Big Joe & Urbanity
Week 3 Bonaparte
Week 4 Grooversity & Big Joe
Week 5 Coyote's Song with Kriten Lamb
Week 6 Odaiko New England & Big Joe
Week 7 More animals with Joy
Week 8 TBD

Campers at assembly watching a special performance

Theme Thursdays

Campers Dress up to show their group spirit! Campers are encouraged to have fun with each theme while remaining appropriately dressed for camp. Each week, Thursdays will be dedicated to the Theme of the week.

Week Details
Week 1 Neon Color Day
Week 2 USA (Red, White, and Blue)
Week 3 Book Character Day
Week 4 Beach Day
Week 5 Outer Space Day
Week 6 Super Hero Day
Week 7 Throwback Thursday
Week 8 Team Color Day/Rainbow Day

Foodie Fridays

We have special, fun food events that take place each Friday. Campers will be able to enjoy a treat every Friday to continue the fun! Campers who have any allergies or food restrictions will be provided with a substitute treat option!

Week Details
Week 1 Slushy Day
Week 2 Cotton Candy Day
Week 3 Popcorn Day
Week 4 Snow Cone Day
Week 5 Slushy Day
Week 6 Cotton Candy Day
Week 7 Popcorn Day
Week 8 Snow Cone Day