Food & Nutrition

A variety of hot and cold lunches are prepared each day by BB&N’s dining service staff for all camp weeks. All food is included as part of the camp tuition for all camp programs. Please note, that only cold lunches will be served during off-campus trips. In addition, campers will receive a daily snack, with water. We always have cold water stations set up for easy access for all campers at any time to re-hydrate throughout the day. We have always been a peanut/nut-aware campus. We do not serve peanut butter, but do have sun butter.


Camp Lunch Menu

Rotates throughout the summer on a two-week rotation. Below is a sample menu. Along with the rotating main lunch option, we offer pasta sides, side salads, sunbutter and grape jelly sandwiches, and yogurt cups. This summer, all food items will be individually packed (or served by kitchen staff to camper plates) in accordance with the health and safety requirements.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Chicken Nuggets with dipping sauces Meatball Sub Cheese Pan Pizza Macaroni & Cheese Hamburger
2 Chicken Nuggets with dipping sauces Beef Tacos Macaroni & Cheese Cheese Pan Pizza Beef Hot Dog


Note: Outside food is not permitted without permission

Sample Snack Menu

Day Snack
Monday Individual Package Pretzels
Tuesday Smart Food Popcorn Individuals
Wednesday Individual Snack Cookies
Thursday Snack Crackers
Friday Tortilla Chips
Every Day Water & Fresh Fruit

* Daily snack is offered to all campers and is provided free of charge.

Sample Early Morning Light Breakfast

  • Water & Milk
  • Fresh Fruit: Apples, Bananas, Oranges
  • Granola Bars, Wrapped Pastry, Wrapped Muffins
  • On-the-go Yogurt Snacks

* Early Morning breakfast is only available to our Early Morning Crew. Pre-registration is required, but all are welcome to enroll for an additional fee. Please note, all foods will be individually packed for safe serving.

Sample Extended Day Snacks

Day Snack
Monday Potato Chip Individual Bags
Tuesday Annie's Grahams Individual Bags
Wednesday Sun Chips Individual Bags
Thursday Smart Food Popcorn Individual Bags
Friday Snack Bar Individuals
Every Day Water & Fresh Fruit

* Extended Day Snacks are only available to our Extended Day Crew. Pre-registration is required but all are welcome to enroll for an additional fee.

Hydration Station

We keep your campers hydrated throughout the day with large water stations placed around campus along with cups.


Bring your own water bottle from home to camp and use our hydration station to refill, reuse, and reduce our impact on the environment.


In order to ensure the safety of all our campers and their varied allergies and sensitivities, no outside food is permitted on campus. We have plenty of snack and lunch choices for even the pickiest of eaters. An exception to this rule, is if your child has a food sensitivity or allergy and requires specialized food from home. In this case, special food from home must be given directly to your child’s counselor who will ensure your camper’s food is brought to the BB&N Kitchen each morning to be refrigerated if needed. This food from home will be provided to your child’s counselor at snack and/or lunch times.

*In the instance that your child is required and approved to bring outside food on campus: we cannot cook, re-heat, or otherwise “prepare” your camper’s food from home. Food from home will simply be provided to the camper at their designated snack and/or lunch times in the same manner to which they were provided to us.

Campers and Counselors eating popsicles

Regarding Food Allergy Concerns

If you have any concerns about your child’s food allergy(s), please notify the camp nurse and the camp Director.

  • The dining center serves all “nut free snacks”. The kitchen does not use nuts, peanuts or nut oils in their cooking.
  • We do not use peanut butter any longer. We now use Sun Butter in its place. Precautions are taken for all food production.
  • The dining center office has copies of ingredients for snacks and lunch foods if parents wish to check on safety of foods served.
  • As noted above, if your child has a food sensitivity or allergy and requires specialized food from home, all food must be brought immediately to your child’s camp counselor to each morning. No food from home will be permitted to stay with your child/camper during the camp day.