Policies & Procedures

All of the following policies are presented when you register your camper online. Acceptance of these policies is required to complete your online registration.

  • Deposit: I understand that the weekly deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Tuition: Tuition minus the deposit IS transferrable to another camp week or another child under your account should another program be available in the same camp year. That said, the deposit amount will not be refunded or transferred to any new camp weeks and the family will be required to pay any difference in order to secure a new camp week.
  • Before 1 June: Tuition (minus the weekly deposits) is refundable.
  • After 1 June: Tuition is NOT refundable but is transferrable. The deposit ($50 per camp week per child) remains non-refundable and non-transferrable. Families may drop camp weeks and the tuition (minus the deposits) will be added as a credit to the families account to be used for the purchase of additional camp weeks or options for any child within the family during the current summer.
  • Options: Options are NOT refundable or transferrable at any time. The purchase of Early Morning or Extended Day Options will not be refundable or transferrable if left unused. Camper attendance at early morning or extended day programs will result in the parent/guardian account being charged the corresponding fees/rates.
  • Payment: I agree to pay all charges and fees for all programs by June 1 and understand that failure to do so will result in a forfeit of enrollment and deposit. All registrations received after June 1 require immediate full payment.
  • Late Pick up: I understand that families late in picking up their children from camp at regular dismissal time will be charged the Extended Day Daily rate regardless of the amount of time the child spends in our Extended Day program. I also understand that any camper not picked up from the Extended Day program promptly by 5:30 will be charged an additional Extended Day Daily rate that day. Repeated or extreme lateness may result in the loss o f any future participation in the Extended Day Program for that family.
  • Withdrawal: I understand that after June 1 BB&N will not offer refunds for a camper who withdraws for any reason, including but not limited to: change of family plans, failure to attend, broken or cast limbs, injury, illness, incomplete attendance or dismissal.
  • Dismissal: The Camp Director reserves the right to dismiss a camper, without refund, when he or she interferes with the rights or safety of himself, herself or others, the proper functioning of the group or activity, violations of the camp’s principles of conduct or if any pertinent information is not disclosed and brought to the Director’s attention at the time of registration.
  • Medical Forms: I understand a completed Health History Physician’s Form (current within 12 months) must be returned to the Camp Office by June 1. My camper may not attend Camp until the properly completed form has been received AND approved by our Camp Nurse. Submission on the day of camper attendance does not guarantee the camper’s ability to attend camp.
  • Bullying: BB&N does not tolerate bullying at any time. The Camp Director will manage and address all bullying situations during the summer per the BB&N Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan. Please note that the Summer Camp Director shall represent the interests of the “Campus Director” where noted in this Plan.
  • Participation: I grant permission for my child to participate in all BB&N summer programs including, but not limited to: activities, events, transportation, early morning and extended day with the understanding that Camp leadership will be provided.