Transportation Details

Deposit, Payments, Refunds


No additional deposit (beyond your camp week deposits) is required to register for our Transportation Program. Once you enroll in our bus program you have a guaranteed space on the bus you have selected as long as all bus payments are received by May 1st. We anticipate a lot of interest in this Transportation Program and encourage families to enroll in the program as soon as they are confident in their needs.


Payment is due in full by May 1st for any bus transportation enrollments. If a family has enrolled but has not paid in full by May 1st, we will not be able to confirm a space on the bus selected.


Before May 1st

Payments for bus transportation made before May 1st ARE refundable. Camp families must contact the Camp Office in writing/email prior to May 1st to request a change to their account and receive a refund of monies paid for the bus program in their entirety.

  • Switching Bus Routes: We offer 2 Bus Routes (Beacon Hill, Cambridge). Up until May 1st, the enrollment on one of these bus routes IS changeable as long as there is space on the preferred/new bus route. After May 1st, no changes can be made to your enrolled bus route as it will be critical for our staff to prepare the buses and rosters in time for the start of camp.
  • Switching Bus Stops: We offer at least 3 stops on each of the 2 bus routes. Up until May 1st selection of your specific bus stop IS changeable. After May 1st, no changes can be made to your enrolled bus stop as it will be critical for our staff to prepare the buses and rosters in time for the start of camp.



Transportation Partnership

BB&Ns Transportation Program is a partnership between the School, students, and parents. The goal of that partnership is to provide safe and efficient transport for students to and from BB&N. To that end, the participants in the partnership agree to undertake the following responsibilities. Failure to uphold these responsibilities will result in the following:

  • First offense – Parents will be contacted – 1-3 day suspension from our Transportation Program­
  • Second offense – 3-5-day suspension from our Transportation Program
  • Third offense – Possible expulsion from our Transportation Program and/or expulsion from any future camp weeks of the summer

The decision of BB&N in this regard will be final. No refunds will be made as a result of this decision. For the purposes of this agreement, a bus is defined as any vehicle operated by the School that transports children.

Camper Responsibilities

  1. To follow all directions given by the bus driver, and to understand that the driver is in full charge of the bus and of all students riding on the bus at all times.
  2. To respect the rights and privileges of others.
  3. To behave appropriately at all times – no yelling, use of profane language, smoking, roughhousing or fighting.
  4. To arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled stop and cooperate in keeping the bus on schedule.
  5. To take a seat immediately upon entering the bus and remain in that seat at all times while the bus is in motion.
  6. To wear seatbelt at all times in vehicles that are equipped with seatbelts.
  7. To remain on the bus until it reaches BB&N or the student’s designated bus stop.
  8. To refrain from drinking or eating on the bus.
  9. To keep the aisle, stairwell, and doors clear of legs, arms, bags, lunch boxes and any other objects at all times.
  10. To keep all body parts inside the bus.
  11. To not tamper with the emergency doors, windows, vents or any other part of the bus.
  12. To not throw any items inside or out of the bus.
  13. To treat the bus with respect and take responsibility for any damage done to the bus.

Driver Responsibilities

  1. To drive in a safe and responsible manner in keeping with state and federal laws.
  2. To conform to the approved bus routes and not deviate from the established route or schedule and make every effort to arrive at the bus stop at the designated time.
  3. To wait until all students are seated before starting the bus in motion.
  4. To ensure that the bus is kept clean and free of debris and to report any mechanical issues immediately to the Director of Transportation.
  5. To walk the aisles after every bus run to verify that the bus is clear of passengers and baggage.
  6. To report any behavior or discipline issues immediately.

BB&N Responsibilities

  1. To provide safe and reliable transportation to BB&N.
  2. To designate drop-off and pick-up locations that are safe, well-lit, and that provide adequate room for students and parents to wait for the bus.
  3. To ensure that the bus arrives at the designated stops on schedule as traffic allows.
  4. To require bus drivers to conform to the approved bus routes and not deviate from the established schedule.
  5. To communicate any changes in schedule or service to parents as soon as possible.
  6. To respond to reports of behavior or discipline issues.