What Children Learn at an Academic Summer Camp

Browsing summer camp programs is an exciting time for both parents and children. Families can take virtual tours, review programs, and see what works best for the child. When it’s time to attend summer camp, kids will build social skills, uncover new strengths, and step out of their comfort zone to gain a better sense of who they are. Summer camp is truly a remarkable growing experience. 

Academic summer camps have been increasing in popularity among parents, kids and teenagers. Not only do academic programs provide campers with a unique opportunity to learn in a fun way, but they can choose which subjects they want to focus on. Let’s take a look at some benefits of an academic summer camp along with some of the programs we offer at Summer@BB&N.

Benefits of an Academic Summer Camp

Project Based Learning

Staying in the same routine every day can be challenging for anyone, especially children. Being in the same setting can feel monotonous, often leading to a loss of concentration. At an academic summer camp most learning is hands-on, meaning, kids are often working on projects rather than listening to a lecture. This keeps kids engaged with the task at hand and they have more energy to focus. Oftentimes, kids will be working with other like-minded campers so they can learn from one another.

Role Models + Industry Leaders

While teachers are excellent role models and provide a wealth of knowledge, academic summer camp programs are also led by industry experts. Kids are learning from experts in each field which gives both campers and parents peace of mind. At Summer@BB&N, each academic program is taught by an BB&N faculty member who has years of experience.

Focus on Particular Programs

One of the major benefits of an academic summer camp is the ability to hone in on very specific interests. Campers aren’t expected to learn math, science and english, rather, they can choose what they want to learn more about. Choosing one particular subject to focus on will put them ahead in school, or they could realize the subject they wanted to delve into just isn’t for them. An academic summer camp program gives campers the opportunity to learn about themselves.

About Our Academic Summer Camp Programs

At Summer@BB&N, we offer campers a variety of academic enrichment camp opportunity. This allows students the ability to learn while having fun at the same time! Contact our team today to learn more about our summer camp programs for children of all ages.