5 Ways Summer Camp Makes Kids More Well-Rounded

Summer camp is much more than sports and crafts, rather, summer camp offers kids the opportunity to learn patience, resilience, and build confidence. Through ice breakers, engaging in activities that take campers out of their comfort zone and unplugging for the summer, campers become much more well-rounded. 

Kids Become Independent at Summer Camp

When children are at camp, they don’t have the safety nets of teachers, parents and school friends. Summer camp is a more relaxed environment than school and provides kids with the freedom to explore new activities on their own. By engaging in new activities such as coding, math, chess, and basketball, kids are able to build their confidence. 

Summer Camp Teaches Kids to Work as a Team

Summer camps are typically focused around social interaction by introducing campers to group activities. Through these activities, campers discover teamwork which they can carry with them in school and their future careers. 

Campers Learn How to Effectively Problem Solve

From critical thinking to tackling tasks collaboratively, summer campers learn to strengthen their problem solving skills. Young summer campers learn not to act impulsively and learn from older campers on how to slow down and assess situations. 

Summer Camp Teaches Kids How to Be Resilient

At home, kids are often used to relying on their parents. When a child gets stung by a bee or gets a splinter, parents are ready to take action. At summer camp, however, campers learn to handle issues without a parent and because of this they develop resilience. Your child will come home ready to conquer anything!

Kids Become Courageous

Overcoming fears, whether it’s water or heights, builds courage in summer campers. There’s no shortage of activities for kids at camps, especially ones that encourage kids to break out of their  shell. Shy campers become much more courageous at summer camp as they meet other campers and build friendships. 

About Summer@BB&N

Our summer camp is located in Cambridge, MA across from the Charles River. We make sure to provide a welcoming atmosphere for summer campers where they can engage in several different activities including chess, coed basketball, coed soccercoding, crew, flag football, and so much more.