TYPE OF CAMP: Specialty Camps
WEEKS: Week 2 (6/27/22-7/01/22), Week 4 (7/11/22–7/15/22), Week 5 (7/18/22–7/22/22)

CODEMOJI: Code It (Gr. 3-5) – Week 2

Codemoji’s Code It program’s mission is simple: teach students to enjoy all things related to coding and the web while building problem solving and creative thinking skills. Our teachers deliver clear and entertaining instruction to ensure students have fun while learning complex coding skills using emojis that represent HTML text, which lowers the barriers to new coders and increases their excitement and understanding of computer science. Students build animations, websites, and video games; explore multiple coding languages; program robots; create STEM-based projects both on and offline, and are encouraged to share their projects when they get home. 

CODEMOJI: GAME ON!(Gr. 3-5)- Week 4

Is your 3rd-5th grade student already a video game wizard? Let them take their skills and understanding to the next level and design their OWN game and screen animations! Codemoji’s computer science class teaches students how to bring video game components to life and develop unique design concepts. Students leave class excited to show off their creations to friends and family!

CODEMOJI: Junior Coding (Gr. 1-2)- Week 5

In Codemoji’s Jr. Coding, students will learn the basics of coding and computer science as they are immersed in STEM activities. Students will collaborate to program robots to complete tasks, work with emojis as they dive into the Codemoji platform, and participate in offline unplugged coding activities and games. Throughout the program, students will design a website and learn to utilize their newly acquired coding skills to advance through interactive lessons. The Codemoji program will challenge your students as they advance through HTML, CSS, and JS coding basics and will promote the desire to continue their coding learning outside of the classroom.

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