TYPE OF CAMP: Virtual Specialty Camps
WEEKS: Week 1 (6/21/21-6/25/21), Week 2 (6/28/21-7/02/21), Week 3 (7/05/21–7/09/21)

Codemoji Code It- Week 1

Does your camper love navigating how things work on a computer? CODEMOJI’s computer science programs teach students to enjoy all things related to coding and the web while building problem solving and creative thinking skills. Our staff of educators deliver clear, entertaining instruction to ensure students have fun while learning complex coding skills using popularized emojis that represent HTML text, which lowers the barriers to new coders and increases their excitement and understanding of computer science. Students build animations, websites, and video games; explore multiple coding languages; create STEM-based projects both on and offline; and are encouraged to share their projects when they get home on our web-based platform. Students also work with interactive circuit boards to understand the basics of currents and work with their teacher to build a handful of fun hands-on projects!  Want to sign up for more than one session? No problem, our content is different every time!


Is your camper already a video game wizard? Let them take their skills and understanding to the next level and design their OWN game and screen animations! Codemoji’s newest computer science class teaches students how to bring video game components to life and develop unique design concepts.

Codemoji Learn Code Build- Week 3 

If your camper loves all things related to games, computers, and the web this advanced level coding class is for them!  Covered in this class are programming terms, wireframing, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics. During the latter part of the program students’ knowledge is put to the test as they each build an interactive project! Plus, we’ll provide follow-up instructions for participants (and parents) so they can continue learning and improving their website and apps at home on Codemoji’ss web-based platform. This class goes beyond just coding!

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