How Summer Camp Can Motivate Your Child For the School Year

While summer camp is an excellent way to take a break from the busy school year, time at camp can actually motivate your child come September. Kids learn a slew of life lessons and discover so much about themselves which they bring with them into the new school year.

Summer Camp Builds Self Confidence

kids at camp pointing to the sky Kids learn to overcome challenges at summer camp, from getting over social anxiety to facing their fear of heights. As campers learn new activities, build friendships, and break out of their shell, they start to gradually build self confidence. When the school year rolls around, kids aren’t as afraid to speak up in class, get to know their peers, or raise their hand more frequently.

Children Become Resilient

Learning how to be resilient can pose challenging at any age, but at summer camp many kids become more resilient than when they arrived. When kids don’t get a goal during a game, lose at chess or don’t hit the bullseye during archery, they may feel disheartened but camp counselors always encourage them to keep trying. Summer campers start to understand that not getting a goal or target immediately doesn’t mean they’re a failure. This lesson transfers over to the school year as kids may receive a bad grade or get an answer wrong in class but they continue to thrive and ask questions.

Emotional Intelligence

Campers sitting with basketball Conflict can arise at any time, even at summer camp. Small issues can turn into major dilemmas if they aren’t resolved in a healthy manner. Camp counselors help facilitate clear and open communication in a nurturing environment. When kids go back into school they’re able to communicate openly to their peers and if an issue comes up, they can talk about it without letting their emotions take over.

Kids Learn to Collaborate

Some activities offered at summer camp allow kids to work independently but a majority encourage collaboration. Campers not only learn how to work well with others but they start to understand their role in group projects and if they enjoy being a leader. Every child will be in at least one group assignment during their time at school so experiencing this at summer camp can certainly help.

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Coach Sarzana with campers Our day camp in Cambridge, MA provides kids with an exciting opportunity to dabble in new activities including academic, sports and specialty programs. Activities range from chess to coding to soccer to basketball and so much more. Our camp counselors have been fully trained with several hours of online training and on-site training under their belt. Each and every counselor is dedicated to the well-being and development of campers.

When it comes to food and nutrition, we have that covered too! Campers are provided with meals, snacks and drinks including juice, pancakes, bacon, macaroni and cheese, burgers, hot dogs, smart food, pretzels and other tasty treats.