How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

It’s never too early to start looking for summer camps as some get booked up months in advance. If this will be your child’s first summer camp experience, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing in-depth research. Our dedicated staff has put together some tips to help you choose the right summer camp.

Day Camp is Best for Beginners

Kids that have never been to summer camp before tend to adjust better to day camps because they know they’ll be heading home at the end of the day. Every evening your child can give you feedback about the day camp and you can discuss what they enjoyed and how they’re feeling. This is especially important for shy kids or kids who struggle with anxiety. Sending children off for a week or two who have anxiety and have never been to summer camp may increase these feelings.

Find a Camp That Offers a Variety of Activities

Younger kids are still exploring what interests them so you’ll want to look for summer camps that offer several activities. There are many summer camps that cater to only one sport, one STEM program and there are others that offer several arts programs, or even a few cooking programs. While these offer some diversity, it’s best to find a camp that has a mix of everything including land sports, water sports, arts and crafts, and education.

Have a Location in Mind

Does your child love being near the water? Maybe they prefer to learn in a quiet environment. Consider your child’s needs and the type of atmosphere they thrive in. If you have an adventurous little one who is quite active, you’ll want a summer camp that has plenty of fields for kids to run around on. Also consider the pick up and drop off times. If your work is 30 minutes away from home, you won’t want a summer camp that’s in the opposite direction. Try to find a camp that is also convenient for you so you’re not feeling overwhelmed with the drive.

Staff to Camper Ratios

Attending camp for the first time can feel nerve wracking for children, but the staff have been trained to help kids adjust. Whether you’re talking to the Camp Director or you’re doing a virtual tour, do some research into the staff to camper ratio so your child feels like they’re receiving the attention they need.

Emergencies & Training

If there is a pool, lake, river or ocean nearby, you’ll want to make sure there is a lifeguard on duty. Ask about CPR certifications  and first aid certifications in the event of an emergency. The number one concern for any parent is safety. Make a list of questions regarding safety precautions and how much experience counselors have. Do they offer a CIT (counselor in training) program? Do they have background checks? Do they know CPR? Do lifeguards have Water Safety Instructor certifications?

About Summer@BB&N

Our summer camp is located in Cambridge, MA across from the Charles River. We have a beautiful, fully stocked BB&N boathouse along with two tennis courts, a double gymnasium, and a wrestling room. We make sure to provide a welcoming atmosphere for summer campers where they can engage in several different activities including chess, coed basketball, coed soccer, coding, crew, flag football, and so much more.