Why Should Kids Go to Summer Camp?

Summer camp offers kids and teens the opportunity to learn new skills, develop friendships and immerse themselves in nature. If you’ve spent your summers away from home, exploring the outdoors and getting to know other campers from across the world, then you’re probably eager to share this experience with your child. On the other hand, if you’ve never attended summer camp, you might be wondering why your child should go. Read on to learn some exciting benefits of sending your child to summer camp.

Learn New Activities: Summer camp allows children to unwind from the pressures of school and learn new activities in an open and accepting environment. Children can sign up to a variety of programs including coding, basketball, flag football, and more, without having any experience. Summer camps give kids the opportunity to see what they’re good at, and to see what skills they want to improve on.

A Newfound Independence: Separation from parents means children learn to rely on themselves, counselors, and other peers. Kids learn to think independently which in turn boosts their self esteem.

Build Friendships: Even the shyest kids make friends easily at summer camp! There are plenty of ice breakers, not to mention summer campers will bond over shared interest and activities. Many campers even visit one another throughout the year.

More Free Time: Summer camp is a great way to take a break from the real world. Kids can have a blast engaging in sports and arts. Overly-structured routines are put to a halt so campers can play, laugh and unwind.

Develop Social Skills: At summer camp, kids are joining a close-knit community where everyone is accepted. Summer campers learn to respect each other and learn about other cultures. Resolving conflict in a healthy manner, sharing chores, and improving communication are just a few of the skills that kids will develop at camp.

Become More Resilient: Kids are nurtured at summer camp and are constantly encouraged to face their fears and try new things. Over time, we notice that kids become much more resilient and they’re not afraid of setbacks.

Why Join Us at BB&N Summer Camp

At BB&N, we have not one but five summer camps to choose from including Academic Experiences, Specialty, Advanced Specialty, Sports and Classic Camp.
Classic Camp: Activities include swimming, arts and crafts, sports, theater, water play and archery.

Specialty & Advanced Specialty Camp: Activities include chess, mine craft, fleming technology, fishing, eco farm, mastermind adventures, and more.

Sports Camp: Sports include soccer, crew, basketball, flag football and futsal.

Our exciting summer camp, situated near Harvard Square, has several natural and artificial turf athletic fields, fully stocked boat house, two tennis courts, an exercise room, double gymnasium and a wrestling room.