How to Help Your Child Get Rid of Summer Camp Jitters

While summer camp is a time that many kids await, new campers can experience anxiety as they wait for the big day. If your child is on the shyer side, they could have “summer camp” jitters as they think about making new friends, trying new activities, and being away from home, even if for the day. Feeling jittery before summer camp is completely normal! If you notice your child has anxiety as summer camp approaches, check out a few tips from our staff below. 

Pack a Reminder of Home: Bringing a piece of home can be beneficial for children at both overnight and day camp. A note from you, a favorite toy or doll, or a picture of the family will help comfort your child during times of anxiety. 

Focus on the Positives: Discuss all the benefits of summer camp such as the new activities that your child will learn, all the new lifelong friendships that will be made and visiting a completely new area. 

Show Empathy: Acknowledge that your child is afraid and demonstrate that you care and understand. Sometimes children feel anxious because they don’t feel heard. 

Plan a Solution on Saying Goodbye: Short goodbyes are best when you have a child with anxiety. Figure out a game plan so you can determine what works best when you do drop your child off at camp. 

Be Confident: If you project confidence, your child will most likely feel confident too. It can be easy to be anxious because of the present energy but make sure to remain strong and confident. 

Teach Your Child Breathing Techniques: There’s tons of breathing techniques available online and in books. Take a look at some easy breathing techniques or research breathing techniques for children. This can be an instant relief for anxiety! 

Share Your Camp Stories: If you have been to camp before, tell your child about some fun and exciting camp stories! Once your child sees that you had a blast at summer camp it will get them excited to attend summer camp too.

Help Your Child Set Goals: Setting goals can help take the weight of your child’s shoulders. Setting a goal-oriented plan allows your child to get excited about camp and potential successes. Small goals like learning new swim strokes, scoring a goal and winning at chess are just a few examples. 

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