HipKids offers high-quality Music, Movement, and Art programming with a cool vibe to schools throughout Greater Boston!


TYPE OF CAMP: Specialty Camps
WEEKS: Week 2 (6/24/24-6/28/24), Week 4 (7/08/24–7/12/24)

GroovyGlee: Sing Your Heart Out!

Gr. 4-6  (week 2)

GroovyGlee is the perfect camp for Elementary age children who love to sing and want to find their inner pop star! This camp is a funky and fun way forstudents to develop singing skills, and delve into the wonderful world of performance in a low press ure environment. Kids take the initiative by choosing pop songs they want to learn, as they have fun singing along to cool arrangements accompanied by the talented teachers accompaniment on guitar and keys!

Class Includes: Each week we will warm up or voices and our bodies with vocal and movement exercises, focusing on singing pitches accurately and moving to the beat. Groovy Glee is an introduction to part singing, teaching the children to learn to sing one thing while someone next to them sings something else. We will practice this skill first by singing rounds and ostinatos, and then, if kids are ready, we can begin to learn to sing songs in two-part harmony as a chorus. Throughout the week, while building all of these skills, students learn songs of various styles, such as: pop, folk, gospel, rock, musical theater, and incorporate simple choreography.

Instruments include: Children may occasionally learn to accompany the songs playing percussion instruments, such as: tambourines, drums, claves, or shaker eggs.  The teacher leads the class playing guitar and piano, so kids get to sing with a band!

In GroovyGlee kids gain confidence behind the mic & as pop stars,  sing their heart out!


KidzJive: Get Down in Dance Medley!

Gr. 1-3  (week 4)

Kids can’t help but get down in Dance Medley Camp! This camp features a fun introduction to multiple dance styles from HipHop, Contemporary, Jazz, and Musical Theater, so students have a perfect sampling of different genres!

 With HipHop students catch the beat grooving to hit tunes they love, and learning dance essentials through funky moves. They explore moves from different sub-genres as Breakdancing, Popping, Locking, and Krump.With Contemporary students creativity abounds, as they explore the most expressive and free flowing dance forms. Kids can let loose as they focus on channeling emotions through movement and storytelling. Specialists visit to introduce Jazz & Musical Theater. With Jazz students inject their personality as they jazz walk, box step, and pas de bouree across the dancefloor with syncopated moves! With Music Theater, kids integrate acting skills as they learn to pivot turn, shimmy, and kick ball change.

Classes Include: All classes consist of stretching, traveling steps across the floor as they string moves together learning choreography. Each class focuses on musicality, balance, coordination, and of course fun!  Students learn about the history of different dance genres which provides the background and context to help kids learn moves of each variation, gaining confidence along the way!

Our skilled teachers are professional dancers who build confidence as they encourage & inspire students to discover the joy of movement! KidzJive is a funky way to get kids’ bodies moving!  Every student shines when get down in Dance Medley!


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What to bring

Campers are required to wear sneakers and athletic/comfortable clothing. We are trying to use less plastic cups, please encourage your camper to bring a reusable water bottle. There will be water refill stations all over campus. Campers may also have time at our water play area throughout the week, please pack a bathing suit for the week. Summer@BB&N provides towels, so no need to bring your own!