LIT (Leaders in Training) Level 1 (Grade 8-10)

TYPE OF CAMP: Classic Camps
GRADES: 8-10
WEEKS: All Weeks

Please note, we require a minimum of 4 weeks of LIT Level 1 program weeks prior to acceptance into our LIT Level 2 program

Our former CIT program is now a Leadership in Training Program (LIT) with two levels of training. The goals of Both LIT 1 and LIT 2 is to provide teens the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to become confident and reliable leaders through goal setting, enrichment, and mentorship, while also providing them with opportunities to participate in the traditional and fun camp experience.  With the these skills, campers will be able to apply their experiences to be not just leaders at camp, but leaders in life.


LIT Level 1 is a weeklong day camp for all campers entering grades 8-10. Grade determination is based on the grade the camper will be entering after camp/summer is complete. The LIT Program is offered for all children who would like to assist in our Classic Camp Activities (LIT positions are not available for our specialty camp programs).

BB&N’s LIT 1 program includes more opportunities for training and hands-on experience, as well as lots of time for an authentic camp experience! Each week will be a mix of hands-on leadership training with our activities staff, mixed with peer group training sessions on skills that are relatable to leadership experiences in the future. Training may include CPR and First Aid, Self-Empowerment, and professional skills.

LIT 1 campers will generally spend  each day assigned to a classic camp activity. Assignment to an activity will be planned to be for the entire week in order to establish consistency with our counselors, our groups, and our LITs. LITs will receive individual and group instruction gaining first-hand experience working under the guidance of our activity counselors and a LIT supervisor. Through this model, LITs are able to use the times with their activity to observe and shadow their mentor counselor and practice the skills they are learning during enrichment to become a confident and reliable leader. When not working in their activity, our LITs will generally spend their time in formal training and/or team building exercises.

In addition to on campus trainings and authentic camp experiences, LIT campers will enjoy off-site team building experiences with their peers at least once a week. Due to COVID restrictions, these trips will be different than those in years past.

LIT Requirements

  • English Language Proficiency
  • Participants in the LIT program are prohibited from carrying a cell phone during the camp day. Campers may bring a phone, but must check it in with the LIT counselor for the duration of their time on property. If you need to reach your camper, you can call the main office and we will get a message to them. Campers will have the ability to visit the camp office should the need arise during the camp day to use their cellphone.

Extended Day Opportunities for LITs

Both Early Morning and Extended Day Options are available to all LIT campers FREE of charge should they choose to support the staff at Early Morning or Extended Day programs. Registration IS required but will be provided as a refund and/or zero cost to any LITs that participate. It is understood that any LIT accepting this Free opportunity will continue to model the behavior expected of all LITs and support the staff in caring for our younger campers in these programs. Inability to comply with expectations will be dealt with by the LIT Coordinator and may result in the LIT’s removal from the Early Morning or Extended Day programs.

What to Bring

LITs are asked to participate and support younger campers throughout the camp day so closed toe shoes and weather appropriate clothing is recommended. Bathing suits are recommended, although not required, for LITs as they will also be supporting younger campers during water sports. We provide towels here at camp so no need to bring your own! We are trying to use less plastic cups, please encourage your LIT to bring a reusable water bottle. There will be water refill stations all over campus.

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