What Social Skills Do Kids Learn At Summer Camp?

Summer camp is a memorable experience for both teens and kids. Not only do summer campers have the opportunity to explore a completely new setting, whether it’s a camp down in a nearby town or across the country, but campers also get to try a myriad of different activities. Along with this, summer camp builds social skills in a number of ways. Read on to learn more about how summer camp builds social skills.

Problem Solving

Ice breakers are a major component of summer camp. Through these, campers learn how to problem solve as well as break out of their shell and get to know one another. 

Making Friends

New friendships are established every day at summer camp. In fact, many campers stay in touch outside of camp and even into adulthood. Summer camp also allows kids to get to know kids from different backgrounds. 

How to Apologize

Conflict can arise in any situation, at any age. While summer camp counselors strive to make summer camp a warm and inviting environment, some children may not seem eye-to-eye. During this time, kids learn to apologize to one another and deal with conflict in a healthy manner. At camp, kids resolve conflict without hurting each other’s feelings and can take these lessons with them through life. 

Engage in Group Activities

Summer camp is never short on group activities. In fact, kids tend to thrive during group activities! Kids are taught new activities with their old friends and new acquaintances. During these group activities, kids learn how to work together, problem solve, and engage in activities that test their boundaries. 

How to Involve Other Kids

One of the major social skills kids learn at camp is how to involve other kids in activities. Summer campers are encouraged to learn from each other and many of the games offered at camp allow just that. As kids become more comfortable with each other at camp, they are eager to include each other, making camp feel like one big family! 

Emotional Intelligence

Children develop empathy at summer camp which improves their emotional intelligence. Learning how to relate to others is a quality that even adults struggle with so gaining this early on is extremely important. 

About Summer@BB&N

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