TYPE OF CAMP: Specialty Camps
WEEKS: Week 4 (7/08/24–7/12/24), Week 5 (7/15/24–7/19/24), Week 6 (7/22/24-7/26/24), Week 7 (7/29/24–8/02/24)

Special Effects Filmmaking

Gr. 2-6  (week 4)

Zombies, Unicorns, and teleportation? It’s all made possible with special effects and bit of movie magic. In this CK favorite, Campers become Special Effects Pros and learn how to create and incorporate visual effects into their very own video projects. Let your imaginations run wild and harness various special effects techniques used by the pros. Build prosthetics and make-up looks like: zombies, unicorns, Mandalorian helmets, fish people, and more. Combine claymation with live action. Experiment with green screens and make the impossible part of your next summertime blockbuster. Learn to find and utilize stock videos and transport your film to the edges of the universe and beyond. Campers will learn how to make movies from start to finish as they plan, write, film, and edit an original film, utilizing professional software including Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Movie themes may include: sci-fi fantasy stories, action adventure tales, Star Wars inspired flicks, and so much more.

Youtube Production

Gr. 2-5  (week 5)

Always wanted to be a YouTuber and have 10,000+ followers? Want to take your videos to the next level by learning from professional filmmakers? This camp steps away from narrative filmmaking, and focuses on content and techniques that your kid is passionate about. From how-to videos, product reviews, and cooking shows, to tv series, news broadcasts, and gamer videos, the CK team will teach your child the tools necessary to create content for their favorite social platforms. Professional teaching artists work closely with your child, building skills to create videos that they care about. We will answer your child’s technical questions one-on-one, and set them up for success on their channel! For those interested, we will cover branding, making your videos searchable, and the steps to gaining thousands of followers. CinemaKidz will also spend a good deal of time discussing online presence, responsibility, privacy concerns, and general safety. A great camp for beginners as well as the more advanced influencer.

Space Animations

Gr. 2-6 (week 6)

Join CinemaKidz this week as we plan, build, and film space and Star Wars-inspired stop motion animations! With space as our theme, campers will invent their very own aliens and characters that will star in the animated projects, and build them using a variety of materials led by a professional artist. Kids will learn how the pros rig up their sets, as they use a combination of built backgrounds and green screens to create the feel of outer space. Sets and characters will be built out of wood, wire, paper mâché, clay, and a variety of other materials to look like real Hollywood productions! Campers will utilize professional software, to film and edit their animated tales. Kids will learn how to combine live action video they film, as they build costumes and act in their own projects, then put it all together for one long featured space project!

Cinema Kitchen

Gr. 2-6 (week 7)

Finally a place where it’s ok to play with your food! In this week-long camp, campers throw on their very own custom-designed aprons, and head to the kitchen to produce and star in their own Cooking Show! Kids will brand the look and feel of their show, and experiment with various recipes and techniques. Create a spin-off of Iron Chef, Nailed it, or the Great British Bake-off, or something totally unique. Recipes range from yummy favorites like vegetarian sushi and pizza, to cakes and desserts that resemble works of art. Recipes are fun and kid-friendly, kids have the opportunity to learn all about cooking techniques or simply play with their food to invent strange concoctions. Participants will cook, act, direct, film, and edit in this hands-on engaging camp, and finish several short episodes over the week. Recipes are tailored to accommodate food allergies.

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